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3D Animation

Maya, After Effects, Premiere, Arnold Renderer, Oculus, Unity

My most recent animation work completed professionally and for personal projects. Animated using Autodesk Maya and edited within Adobe After Effects & Premiere.

Just Like Them

Maya, After Effects, Premiere, Audition, Arnold Render

A woman shares the injustices she faces in a male dominated industry.

Silly Run Cycle


A man running without a care in the world.

Animation from Reference.gif

Research Project

Maya, Adobe Fuse

Tasked with creating an animation from reference for Northeastern University. PhD students were studying the effects of a stage-frightened user viewing themselves giving a successful presentation. No MoCap involved.

QAing in VR

Unity, Maya, Oculus

Animation and environment work was checked for quality assurance while in VR. Here is an example where the avatar was much larger than the user.

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